A safe and comfortable place to discuss vaginismus

The vaginismus forum here at Congtythamtu Women’s Health is designed to bring women together. We understand that painful sex, vaginismus treatment, and the subsequent recovery can be sensitive topics, and you should have a safe and comfortable place to voice your experience, opinions, and concerns.

We envision this vaginismus forum as a place for you to introduce yourself, share your personal story, ask questions, and discuss any and all aspects of vaginismus and our treatment program. We encourage a thoughtful and friendly environment in our vaginismus forum, and we sincerely hope that you find a comfortable place to discuss your struggles and triumphs as you navigate through vaginismus treatment. Do not be afraid to join our vaginismus forum and become an active member. This is a very friendly, safe, and — most importantly — “private” forum. Talking through these issues with women that have gone through it can make all the difference.