Patients outside the NY, NJ, CT area.

Congtythamtu Women’s Sexual Health can help patients who live too far away to see us on a regular basis.

We are a specialty medical practice in existence since 2000. The reason women are willing to either travel to Congtythamtu, or arrange for a phone consult, is because they’ve already been to their local gynecologist to discuss low desire, pain during intercourse, orgasm issues, PSAS or other matters related to female sexual dysfunction, and they have not been helped. Either a doctor dismisses the conditions as unimportant (“Just relax, have a glass of wine”), cannot find anything “wrong,” (“Everything’s fine. It’s just what women your age go through.”), or they simply have not developed the skills and experience necessary to successfully treat these problems (“I don’t see anything.”)

In fact, many of our patients are sent to us by their own OB/GYN.

While we cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions over the phone, we do have two helpful programs for people who us from out of our local area. We are always willing to provide a free 10 minute phone consultation with one of our clinicians to help you evaluate if a specific program will be right for you.

 Modified Treatment Plan for Out Of Towners

With local area patients our first appointment is a 1½-hour meeting for diagnosis, during which time a patient meets with the clinical director to give a psycho-sexual history, and with the nurse practitioner for an exam, blood draw and whatever additional tests may be necessary. We then see the patient a week later for a follow-up appointment once we’ve reviewed all bloods, tests, notes, etc.

When a patient is coming from out of town, we schedule the appointments within a few days of each other so that all the important results will be available for the second meeting within a shorter time frame.

If the patient is found to need a hormone regimen, we generally want bloods run in our office every 10 weeks or so. For patients from outside our area, we will make arrangements to work with a lab that is local to the patients for some of the blood draws although at least two to three follow-up appointments and blood draws during the first year would have to be in person. Later, treatment can taper down to more infrequent visits.

To summarize, you will need to be in New York initially for three days and return a minimum of three other times during the year for evaluation and follow-up treatment.

Long Distance Vaginismus Treatment Under Anesthesia

Vaginal injections are used to treat vaginismus in difficult cases. It is used in severe cases where the more conservative treatments have not been successful, in cases where the first steps are not even attempted because the pain and the fear are so great or in cases where there are no trained practitioners locally. This treatment for vaginismus offers a solution that allows patients struggling to overcome the pain and fear caused by vaginismus to significantly shorten the treatment period. We often have women coming from all over the country and the world in order to access this procedure. In order to use this service you would need travel to our area for 3-4 days.

Learn more about Vaginismus Treatment Under Anesthesia.

If you are interested in setting up a phone consultation, please call our office and ask to speak with one of our medical practitioners for a free initial phone consultation. If it is determined that you would be an appropriate candidate for the treatment, they will email you a number of questionnaires and give you instructions on how to proceed.