The Upside Of Sexting

Sexting may have a bad rap because of certain notorious sexters, but when used within a relationship it can be advantageous to the couple. Research demonstrates that sexting has an affirmative effect on sexual satisfaction.

Here’s how it works:

When you share alluring remarks, fantasies or sexy images it creates anticipation and incites excitement which can help put an end to a dry spell. Sexting can also inspire feelings reminiscent of the courtship phase of the relationship. Sexting can be a validating experience as it lets your significant other know that you find him/her attractive and they are on your mind. It increases emotional intimacy as it increases connection – when you feel closer to your partner you feel cared about and can more easily manage stress. Just like having a designated email address between the two of you, sexting using your special code language and inside jokes strengthens your attachment.

Sexting can be good for both of you!